hildren’s film 'Hoo Manasu' has got a U/A certificate from the censors despite being given the title children’s film and is ready for release in January. The film is produced by Nayakarahalli Boregowda B G, a realtor and a teacher by profession. The film is directed by Lingaraj B Ballari. The film stars Master Bharat, Baby Srushti, Master Preetham, Master Rahul, Master Karthik, Ramesh Bhat, Sangeetha, Vanishri, Chitra Shenoy, Dingri Nagaraj, Anand and Boregowda. The film is based on a story by T C Ramachandra and B L Babu is the cinematographer.Vinay Rangadhol has scored the music while Rajesh Ramanath has scored the background music. Lingaraj and Ramachandra have written the dialogues.

Producer Boregowda told reporters that he unexpectedly ventured into film production after being a teacher for 16 years and also being into real estate business. He said the film’s story is good and it was related to his professional life and his personal life. He said his children have also acted in the movie.

Cameraman Babu said the film has been shot in Mysuru, Nanjanagud and Kunti Betta. He said the film has four songs.

Sangeetha said the producer, director and the children are all soft-hearted like flowers and it is not the title alone. She said she worked for the love of working with children and urged the children to concentrate on their studies.

Vanishri said she would not like to call this film a small budget film as the producer had provided all of them whatever was asked for. She said director Lingaraj shouldered more responsibility and there was a family environment that is akin to working in television serials. She said she agreed to do the film out of confidence in the director. The film is about difficulties faced by children and how they come out of it.

Director Lingaraj said the film is a message-oriented one with four children having acted well. He said the film got a U/A certificate because of two incidents in the story although the certificate says it is a social children’s film. However, he did not divulge details of the incidents.

Ranjita said she plays an innocent girl in the movie.

Bharat, a II PU student said he acted in the movie with the help of Karthik. Vanishri and Sangeetha helped him to act in the movie, he said. Master Rahul, Master Preetham and Srusti also spoke briefly.   

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