ubbing artist turned villain Ravishankar celebrated his 48th on Monday.Sharing his journey, setbacks, agony and achievements in cinema industry, `This is the first time I’m celebrating my birthday in public. That is too because of my fan followers who urged me to celebrate birthday in public as I’ve celebrated all my 47 birthdays with my family and friends’ Ravishankar my 48th said.

`I entered film industry as child artist in 1975. Till 1982 I did the child artist role and after that upto 1986 I left the film industry for the reason of studies. In 1986 I re-entered the film industry as hero in tollywood. But I failed to get a break through as a hero’ he recalled.My father P.K.Sharma, mother Krishna jyothi, elder brother saikumar and younger brother Aiyappa all were dubbing artists in their career. My father given voice over to Dr. Rajkumar in `Mayura’, `Jaga mecchida maga’, `Babhruvahana’ and many other films’ he said.

He dedicated all his achievements to his mother who taught him classical dance, carnatic music, horse riding in his early days. `My mother was confident about my talent. So she taught me classical dance, carnatic music, horse riding in my childhood. Many people appreciate my dance in `Adhyaksha’. All those are because of my mother. She passed away in 2006’ he regretted.

Expressing his thanks to actor Sudeep and producer Shankar Gowda, `When I failed to recognized as hero, then I too turned as ubbing artist. At that time Charanraj, Devaraj, Tiger Prabhakar from sandalwood, mohanraj, captainraj from mollywood and amrishpuri from bollywood were busy as villains in tollywood. Soon I became a well recognized dubbing artist. For dubbing I got awards in telugu as well as tamil. But I wanted to be recognized as an actor and that discontent was haunting me till I got a chance in Sudeep starrer `Kempegowda’ movie. I’m grateful for that opportunity given by Sudeep and producer Shankar Gowda’ he said.

`In original movie `Singham’, Prakash Raj played the villain role of Armugam. When it was remaked in kannada, Sudeep and Shankar Gowda chose me as a replacement to Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj was such a talented actor that it is very difficult to replace such a talent. But Sudeep and Shankar gowda had trust in me and given an opportunity to play Armugam character. When I got such an opportunity, I was really surprised. But now I’m so famous that, people will call me in the name of Armugam and not as Ravishankar.’

`Even though I got breakthrough in `Kempegowda’, I acted in kannada in movies like `Halli Krishna Dilli Radha’, `Manamecchida Sose’ in 1990-91 itself. But at that time also I was welcomed with a flop’ he remembered.`Since I’d given voice over to Sonu Sood in `Arundhathi’ movie, no one knew about me in tollywood itself. As I got good recognition by the movie, I became busiest dubbing artist. My distinct voice is wealth and that was the gift of my father. His voice was well recognized in his time’ said Ravishankar. `Apart from becoming a hero, I’d one more ambition to become a director. In 2003 I approached producer Ramu to direct a movie with my own script. After listening to the script, he applauded me and asked me to change the script which can suit Malashree. Then I changed the whole script which can suit the female protogonist’ he said.

Saying, `I’ve eight to nine ready scripts, in which one of the script will be directed by me as early as possible. In one more script I’m going to introduce my son Advaith Shankar as hero in kannada itself’ he announced. Denying to become a hero once again, `I’m much satisfied with what I’m. As a villain I will get blow only from the hero. If I tried to become hero at this age, the whole audience will give me a blow’ humored himself.

`Even though I do not want to become a hero, I’m interested to play a protagonist role as Nasiruddin Shan did in `Wednesday’ and Ravichandran in `Drishyam’ he added.Answering to dubbing controversy, `Kannada film industry does not require dubbing. As of now kannada film industry is facing multiple competition from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. They all are getting released at the same time as in their states. As a dubbing artist, due to dubbing, I’ll soon become a wealthy. But it is not helpful to kannada industry. So I’m against the dubbing’ he clarified. birthday celebration of Ravishankar was organized by Akhila Karnataka sakalakalavallabha

The 48th birthday celebration of Ravishankar was organized by Akhila Karnataka sakalakalavallabha Ravishankar abhimanigala sangha. Ravishankar's wife Susheela and Son Advaith Shankar were presented at this occasion.

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