ow..Murugesh, a children’s film is ready for release and is likely to hit the screens across Karnataka in July. This was disclosed by the movie’s producer Puttaswamaiah based on whose book the film has been made. The film is directed by Sushil Mokashi.

Speaking to journalists after a media screening of the movie on Saturday, Puttaswamaiah said the film is essentially an effort to say things to society through children. He said at least three government schemes have been highlighted – one is back to school programme, bonded labour and Yashaswini scheme.

Sushil Mokashi said the film is the initiative of producers Puttaswamaiah and late Virupaksha Hegde and added that the casting was made based on what the story demanded. He said Siddapura and the locales surrounding it were ideal for the shoot. He said when he read the story he thought it could be made into a film.

Doddarange Gowda who has penned two songs for the movie said he was surprised that the movie has been completed so quickly. He praised director Mokashi’s effort which is visible on the screen and child artiste Prapul who has done well. He said the songs are ideally placed in the movie and it goes with the narrative.

Sandesh who plays the role of a physical training instructor in the movie said he was in a dilemma about doing this film after acting in two commercial films. But, he said he decided to do the film because it is a message oriented film.

Shobitha who played the mother’s role said she was initially scared about her role but when she saw herself after putting on the makeup she was surprised. She said director Mokashi helped her do the role. Prapul thanked everybody and he said he enjoyed shooting for the film.

Shankar Bhat also spoke.

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